Whoa where am I what time is it

I just woke up, really groggy right now, I don't even really know what day it is. ...IT'S ALMOST 2012?! Snap, I missed my flight to Helsinki by almost three years! I got some explaining to do!

Haha j slash k lol, just messin with you. I got to HKI fine and BCN too. It's just that I have unfairly let the ol' LJ gather dust since before Barry was inaugurated and the term "brostep" existed. Lots of things have, of course, transpired in the meantime, but I'm obviously not going to try to executive-summary three years (almost exactly!) of life events. Given the previous post however it does make sense to link here to the photo gallery of my 2009 European voyage, the content of which is still Under Construction despite having been initially set up about two years ago — forgive me for that: captioning over 25,000 photos takes a while.

The thing that actually got me to update this thing was the guilt over having just started my sixth blog when I've been remiss about updating the existing ones. Count 'em:
  1. this guy you're reading right here [LJ points at self with both index fingers and looks at you like this, somehow dons sunglasses simultaneously, suddenly you notice he has been wearing a backwards baseball cap the whole time, how did you miss that]
  2. the good ol' Demented Dream Journal, the only blog I've kept up with pretty well throughout its lifespan
  3. the Points Of Interest Blog
  4. the inchoate BRDZ, for bird illos/comix
  5. Low Earth Orbit, a Tumblr for interesting features of the Earth's surface found on Google Maps satellite imagery, later briefly a music blog, now about to be restored to its original purpose
  6. Marktplatz-Musik, started just this evening, basically a fork of Low Earth Orbit, where I'm planning to restart the music blogging and with luck keep it going apace this time.
If you count my Twutter as a blog, which would be reasonable because I do use it mainly as a microblog (a pretty great one, even if I do say so myself!), that makes seven.

That's all for now. Maybe I'll start posting to this guy again every so often with actual journalular content. No promises, but I don't want him to be sad.

Oh wait! I might as well take another opportunity to link to the music I've been making under the name Marktplatz. It's electronic dance music, and a lot of it is heavy on bass, so make sure to listen on headphones or a speaker set with a subwoofer. If you are really taken with the stuff and would like to download some of it, I've self-released two digital EPs via Bandcamp, the House Squares EP and the Satama EP. You can stream all the tracks of the EPs in full on the Bandcamp pages.


Oh noes it's been another like 6 months (longest idle interval ever? nope, not quite) since I wrote in this — once again, the time has slipped by because I continue to check my friends page almost every day, so it doesn't seem like I've been away from actually writing for such a time. This post is not so much about something particularly topical as because I'm in a blogular frame of mind, having just posted to JDDJ for the first time in less of an interval, and I decided to check here and was horrified by the time lapse. So let's see what can be said:
  • The fall semester has been going well; the main studio project, which we're getting close to final review for, has been multi-family housing, and each of the ~60 of us has a different site in the Central West End/Grand Center area of STL, some with adjacent sites, in which case we have to negotiate with our neighbors on certain issues. My site has such a condition. It's been a rewarding project because it feels more socially responsible than any of my previous studio projects, at Williams or WU.

  • I will be doing my first-evar semester abroad in the spring, in Helsinki, with about 12 of my colleagues. We are pumped. The long, dark, but rapidly shortening nights there should be easily filled with (1) studio work and (2) techno. With luck I'll keep a more regular posting schedule on the LJ while there, rather like I did for the Switzerland 2005 trip, and who knows, maybe that plus photos and projects and stuff will turn into another whole website like the Switzerland one eventually.

  • I will be doing my first summer semester abroad right after that, in Barcelona. I'm excited about that too. I think that's going to be more crowded than the Helsinki program. Since I took the two Structures courses last summer, those credits plus the ones I'll get from Barcelona will shorten my curriculum by one regular semester, so I should graduate after the fall 2010 semester, having completed the MArch and MUD (urban design) degrees.

  • I've been getting deeper and deeper into electronic dance music and pretty much if I don't stop myself at any particular point in time, I'm liable to start beatboxing a house or techno groove.

  • What else... oh, I got 2nd place in a 5K in Forest Park recently, which was pretty cool especially since I didn't run particularly fast for my current capability — or my capability at that point, rather; as the end of the semester has approached and my busyness increased, my running volume has gone south. For much of October and November I was doing weekly track workouts with some friends; those culminated for me in a sub-30:00 track 8K, which was very satisfying, since I haven't raced that distance in a couple years at least.

  • There's plenty more that could be mentioned, such as the fun trip to LA we took to look at housing precedents back in September, but I should probably get cracking on what I still need to do tonight. Näkemiin.

Float Trip

Don't miss my foregoing General Update post. Originally I was going to write about the float trip there as well, but the float trip section became comparable in size to the rest of the already lengthy post, so I decided to complete it as this separate post.

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So's I'm planning to come down to Boston most likely the 28th (two days from now) (a Friday) and be there over New Year's and go home probably the 2nd (a Wednesday) (in January) (2008). I could
  1. visit people I know

  2. not visit people I know
and the first option seems to have something going for it. So are people going to be around then? throughcomposed may be there in that time sometime before the New Year as well.

Semester ended up well, though there's still some studio make-up work to complete. Nice to be home in NH with a fairly large amounts of snow and opportunity to sleep. Hope to see some of you soon in the B O S, though.

Talarurus LP

Meme: Go to Wikipedia. Click "random article." This band name. Click "random article" again. This debut LP. Click "random article" fifteen more time. This track of debut LP. Collapse )
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resurfacing with a meme

Dang, I guess it's been since August since I posted, which I keep forgetting because I read my friends page every day and so I keep having the impression that my LJ output must correspond somewhat to the input. It doesn't. Anyway, since amocantare tagged me for a music meme, which I can never resist, I have a good incentive to get back to it.

The meme is "List twelve songs you are into right now, no matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they’re not any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your LiveJournal along with your songs. Then tag other people to see what they’re listening to."

I did something like this just three posts ago (in July) but I have been listening to new music since then. I am not going to tag anyone else but feel free to do the meme yourself if you will. Unlike Emily I am not going to categorize my current listenings into varying degrees of shame because I have no shame.

From Silent Shout (I think Joy Division opened up the buried nihilistic part of my brain; I can't get enough of the iciness of Silent Shout. I urge you to check it out.)
1. "Silent Shout" - The Knife
2. "Marble House" - The Knife
3. "Like a Pen" - The Knife
4. "Forest Families" - The Knife

5. "Diary" - Free The Robots (hip-hop meets baroque organs; awesome)
6. "Yoga Fire" - Free The Robots (cut that vibraphone up)
7. "Melody Day" - Caribou
8. "Irene" - Caribou
9. "Bamboo Banga" - M.I.A. (comin back wi' powa powaa)
10. "Helen Butte / Mr. Freedom X" - Miles Davis
11. "D.A.N.C.E. (MSTRKRFT Remix)" - Justice (basically MSTRKRFT and Justice are like two waves in constructive interference)
12. "Liar" - The Sex Pistols (iTMS finally got Never Mind the Bollocks)

There you go. Oh, architecture school? I am still there. It's going well overall; I'm a little behind in studio work, having had to put the finishing touches of my first project on the back burner while I concentrate on the next project, but I'm definitely gaining a lot of experience in constructing things, learning a lot from others, enjoying the friendship of my classmates a lot, and generating sincere interest in my projects from my studio instructors. Modern architecture history class, meanwhile, has been consistently fascinating.

I haven't been running much (about once a week), my SSN has been misappropriated by someone else, and the short heart arrhythmias that I usually get like once a month or week have been in the past few days happening a few times an hour. On the last point, don't worry, I have had it checked out and am getting further tests done this week, and it's probably benign; the increased frequency of such symptoms can be brought on by stress and lack of sleep. (I have generally been having 1 or 2 nights a week of very short sleeps, with good amounts of sleep the other nights. An irregular schedule like this, of course, is not very good even if the total volume of sleep is normal.) So sometimes things wear a little thin. The stimulation of school, though, generally more than compensates for its brutality, and if I just make my work schedule more consistent then I think I may be able to ease things for myself a bit, which my body is clearly telling me to do.

Whenever I get time to resume some work for fun, such as my website, I am going to start a Points Of Interest Blog (POIB) there. I already have a lot of topics thought up for it. I'm pretty stoked about it. I have similar stokage about finishing the captions for the Switzerland photo gallery, whenever that might happen. Sometimes I yearn for last year's schedule of 9ish to 5ish and having evenings to do these things. Oh well. That's what winter break is for. That and visiting everyone in Boston.

ich bin ein STLer

Well goddang, I'm in grad school now! At least, I have my student ID. I guess I won't consider myself REALLY in grad school until maybe next Wednesday when classes start for real, or maybe sometime between tomorrow and then as orientation proceeds.

It's good to be here. It's been a fair amount of transitional time — moving out of Medford, having some time at home and in Maine, packing for the drive down here, the three days in the rented minivan going through NH, MA, CT, NY, PA, MD, WV, KY, IN, IL, and MO,* and unpacking (still in progress) and outfitting the apartment, in the spaciousness of which I am reveling. (We have a whole room that we are not currently using. I call it the concept room. We will hold art openings, crits, rallies, cult gatherings, concerts, and metalworking seminars in it.) Tomorrow, as I already alluded to, begins orientation, and I'm psyched to resee some people and meet others and get going on this whole school situation.

In conclusion,
Q: Which band combines the things I like about punk rock and heavy metal?

*I couldn't fit any more about the car trip into that structure. Collapse )

it's over!

I am currently packing up my stuff and cleaning the apartment in preparation for moving out tomorrow. The past few weeks have been busy in all sorts of ways, not the least of which were
  1. going to STL and getting an apartment for the fall
  2. going to VT for a great reunion that was tough to leave as early as I did
  3. hosting a mini-reunion here the same weekend
  4. hosting another mini-reunion/clean-apartment-out the following weekend
  5. being incredibly busy trying and failing to complete my firm's new website during my last week of work (nobody's fault really, the content needs more time to percolate, and I'll be finishing things up remotely when they're ready) — at work till 9:30 on Thursday and 9:00 on Friday, last to leave both times, almost i-bankerishly
  6. spending a whole afternoon (Wednesday) picking up the compost I've accumulated over this year and driving it to the house of a coworker in East Boston, via the heart of downtown, where I will never again go in a car (how can people commute this way and not collapse under the weight of insanity and shame)
  7. having a number of impromptu dinner gettogethers this week
  8. packing and cleaning the apartment.
So I haven't had too much time for reflection, but I have in the past few days been hit sort of hard by the prospect of leaving these places that I've become so attached to this year, as always happens — the apartment, southwest Medford, the walk to Davis, the office, and the whole Boston area. (So you who are staying or coming here can expect to see me back around in not too long a time.) I don't want to leave these things, but simultaneously when I contemplate what it would be like if I were going to spend a second year doing exactly what I have been doing, I much prefer the thought of moving on to STL and WashU. That is, it's been a really good year for me in a large, complex set of ways — full of learning and growth, I think — but precisely because of that learning and growth, I am ready to move on to the next stage, the gauntlet of architecture school. It'll also be nice to have some time in NH and Maine before then. Before that even, though, some more packing...


Q: What do you do when you melt some old Brie over rice and chickpeas and it starts emitting ammonia?

A: Smother it with chili powder, ketchup, wasabi mayonnaise, paprika, salt, and pepper, and fry it as though you were Lucifer himself and it were a wretched denizen of the inner circle of Hell. Then add more ketchup.

Mmm-mmm good.

Here's a meme I'm doing and not actively passing on, but feel free to do it yourself if you'd like:

7 songs I am really enjoying at the moment:
Jurassic 5: I Am Somebody ("Say it I AM ... SOMEBUH-TY")
Joy Division: Interzone
Justice: D.A.N.C.E.
The Kills: Kissy Kissy
Gang of Four: Armalite Rifle
White Stripes: Rag and Bone
Digitalism: Jupiter Room (Martian Assault Mix)

Further edit: You know what gets my proverbial goat? When I'm out in the neighborhood because it's a nice crisp 65 degrees out and I walk by a house with a window AC on. This means that either (a) the occupants are there, and they're ignoring the fact that they can just OPEN A DAMN WINDOW AND GET SOME COOL FRESH AIR or (b) they're not there, but they've LEFT THE AC ON TO COOL DOWN THEIR EMPTY HOUSE OR APARTMENT. Either way, they have incurred my wrath incredibly rapidly and effectively.